I've been on an amazing journey.

It started when I worked with a life coach for the first time in 2010. With my first coach, I gained greater awareness of what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be. I realized that I could actually design my life based on what made me happiest and most fulfilled.

I began to design my life accordingly.

One of the biggest life goals that emerged from our coaching was to take a year off. I had always dreamed of a time of carefree travel.

In 2013, I took a huge leap of faith.

I point my life in a wildly different direction that what I was supposed to. I am 34 years old. I have a great job, a nice apartment, live in wonderful Portland, Oregon, and am surrounded by my close friends and family.

Yet, I decide to take a break from it. I listen to a small voice inside, asking me to see what else there was in life for me.

Believe me: This idea terrifies me. But I finally muster up the courage.

I quit my job. I turn over the keys to my apartment and drive away in my Honda Civic, which is packed to bursting with my camping gear. I have a loose plan: Backpack and road trip around the Western U.S. for the summer, fly to Mexico for a couple months, then on to South America.

Arriving at this point of freedom is a celebration in itself but how the next chain of events unfolds is even more stunning.

In September, I postpone my Mexico plans and instead accept the invitation of a friend to join her in the south of France. (After all, I’ve never been before!)

When I travel on alone to Spain, I meet a Catalan farmer who, incredibly, is my perfect match. We fall immediately for each other. Manel lives on a farm next to the mountains, an hour north of Barcelona. This gorgeous place and its warm, relaxed lifestyle also fit me so well.

Today I live with Manel here in Catalunya, in a medieval stone house, surrounded by farm fields, the pre-Pyrenees rising up behind.

This is how I took a really big, calculated risk, and ended up with my soulmate, a gorgeous new home, a lifestyle that fits my values, and my own business doing work that I love.

You might call it luck, but I know it's more than that.

I learned from coaching how to get clear on what I wanted, set intentions, open up possibilities, and to make decisions based on what made me happiest and most fulfilled. All of these skills continue to lead me closer and closer to my ideal life.

My work today is inspired by my personal experience of these powerful principles.

Professional Bio

Lisa Hoashi is a life coach. Her mission is to share her story and experience to support others to create their own dream life.

She is an Oregonian and a fourth-generation Japanese-American. She got her first taste of adventure as a Rotary Exchange Student at 16 in Rancagua, Chile, and two years later when she moved to New York City to attend NYU. She graduated with a B.A. in English and American Literature.

After working in magazine writing and publishing, marketing, and public libraries, Lisa moved on to six years with Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon. She held various roles including a one-year position as Public Information Officer for the agency’s 2010 Haiti earthquake emergency response and two years overseeing the agency’s global internal communications strategy, reporting directly to the CEO. 

In May 2013, Lisa took a self-granted sabbatical year, a longtime dream. Her adventures took her on a road trip across the Western U.S., to France, Italy and Spain, and then on to Patagonia, where she hitchhiked to the end of Chile's Carretera Austral, stopping for backpacking treks along the way. But her greatest adventure was meeting her now-husband Manel, a farmer in Catalunya. They live on a farm 100km north of Barcelona.

As a coach, Lisa partners with clients around the world to get unstuck so they can step courageously toward a life and work they truly love. She is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation.