Video: Knowing Your Strengths - Why It Matters

I made a video for you!

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of $20 off on a Strengths Session.

Here's why it's SO important that you know your strengths, and can articulate them to others.

(HINT: This is how to feel happier and more fulfilled at work.)

If you missed my blog from the other day, here's the offer details again:

Get $20 off a Strengths Session if you book by April 2, 2018. (Coupon code: MYSTRENGTHS)

(This makes a great gift too, especially for college grads!)
I also do this work with couples. Get clearer on your strengths, your partner’s strengths, and discover new possibilities for what you can do as a team. This is really powerful stuff.
Get $40 off a Strengths Session for Couples if you book by April 2, 2018.