When you’re ready to take action toward positive, powerful change in your life and work.





You’ve got one goal that you want to rock once and for all. It’s a big, daunting goal that makes your heart pound or even keeps you up at night, and that’s why you want someone working with you – to help you separate what’s important from what’s just noise, to strategize and action plan, and to hold you accountable and encourage you when you hit obstacles.

Big, hairy goals include:  

  • Changing jobs
  • Launching a creative or entrepreneurial project
  • Moving to a new place
  • Planning a sabbatical
  • New habits for increased creativity, health or productivity

How it works

In our first Strong Start strategy session, we’ll discuss your goal in detail, develop a strategy, map out a plan with action steps, and schedule the rest of our meetings so you have ongoing accountability, encouragement and troubleshooting support.


  • In-Depth Goal Assessment Exercise
  • 1x 90-minute Strong Start strategy session
  • 5x 45-minute coaching sessions (to be used within 3 months)

Investment: $1199 USD





On the outside, it looks like you're doing just fine: a good job, a comfortable life, a lot to be grateful for.

Yet you can't shake the feeling that there's more out there for you. You want to be more free, and live more fully up to your potential.

Life is short and you want to make the most of it.

To get back on track, you've got big changes to make in both life and work. That's exciting and scary. You’ve tried to tackle them on your own, but frankly you’re feeling a bit lost and uncertain.

I’m here for you. I've been here myself -- and this is the sweet spot of my coaching expertise.

This is my most exclusive coaching package, where I support you in exploring what you really want in life and work. We will articulate your strengths and values, and work on increasing your self-confidence, remove your limiting beliefs, and increase your energy.

We'll identify 2-3 significant goals to work on together. Typical areas of focus include:

  • Career/Meaningful Work
  • Creativity
  • Health
  • Relationships/Dating/Love
  • Home/Lifestyle
  • Money
  • Sabbaticals/Time Off

I’ll support you to develop a strategy and action plan, and will have your back as you take steps forward, with increasing clarity, hope, and confidence.

This is transformational, life-changing work.

How it works

Our first Strong Start session we go in-depth into your present situation and where you want to be in the future, then start working on a strategy and plan for how to get you from here to there. We will prioritize your goals and get you started taking actions that are right for you.

At the same time, we’ll also focus on building your energy, optimism and confidence.

We meet weekly via Skype three times per month for four months to keep up momentum and accountability. Throughout our engagement you have ongoing access to me, by email, phone or text.


  • Extensive Welcome Assessment
  • 1x  90-minute Strong Start strategy session
  • 11x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Bonus: CliftonStrengths assessment code and 60-minute debrief session ($220 value)

Investment: $2199 USD