I’m here to help.  

My work is to support you to shine in your talents and strengths, find truly meaningful work, and enjoy all the richness of life. 

Who I work with

You are...

  • Feeling called to make a change, but afraid of taking the wrong step
  • Faced with too many options
  • Wanting to figure out what you really want
  • Not really sure of yourself
  • Feeling stuck
  • Wanting to make something meaningful of your life
  • Ready to be more creative and satisfied with life

What it’s like to work with me

Coaching is a professional, collaborative partnership. When you enter this partnership, the focus is all on you. What you want, what you dream of, what drives you, what lights you up, what gives you meaning and purpose and satisfaction.

This is your non-judgmental, open, supportive, experimental space.

We talk candidly about where you are at right now. We talk about where you want to be in the future. Then we create a strategy and action plan for bridging this space between here and there.

My role as your coach is to: 

  • listen
  • ask questions
  • offer possibilities
  • identify limiting beliefs and patterns
  • encourage
  • hold you accountable

Talking with me will be similar to talking with a trusted mentor or friend, with some powerful bonuses. I have no agenda other than to support and champion you to be your best. My attention is all on you, without any distractions. 

Lisa created a very safe and encouraging space for me to reflect, explore and play with ideas and possibilities.
— Ksenia Ermakova

What you need to work with me

1. Commitment. A successful coaching partnership is an investment. This is a financial investment and an investment of your time and energy. You need to be ready to be open, receive support and take steps forward.

2. Time. Coaching and change take time. The more time and space you can give to this process, the more enriching it will likely be. At a minimum, you’ll need to be able to keep our regular appointments and schedule time to work on action steps between sessions.

Most clients start to experience the real benefits of coaching after about three months. Clients typically work with me between four months to a year.

3. Phone or Internet. My clients live all over the world. We meet by Skype (video or audio) or my U.S. or Spanish phone number.

When you work with me, you have the option of doing our sessions simply via audio call, or with video. It's up to you!


Coaching by phone is very effective. You might find it odd at first, but the benefits are noticeable right away. Many of my clients who do their calls early in the morning before getting ready for work prefer this option. You don't have to worry about where you are or what you look like. I really like phone calls because they limit distractions and this really focuses the conversation.


Video is also a fantastic coaching format. It's very personable and interactive. If you're a visual or experiential learner you might find this a better fit for you. Most of my clients choose this option because it's so much easier for us to get to know each other this way.

Lisa’s listening skills are tremendous and she shows empathy and understanding at all times.
— Lisa Alfano

Benefits of coaching with me

Immediate benefits

  • Someone who listens to you wholeheartedly
  • A safe space to say it all
  • Time just for you
  • A review of where you are at within the context of your whole life
  • Greater clarity simply in saying things aloud
  • Affirmation from an outside supportive perspective
  • Increasing possibilities for action, movement, direction
  • Action steps and someone to hold you accountable

Long-term benefits

  • Greater clarity around what you truly want out of your life and work.
  • A better understanding of your strengths: what you are good at, what you enjoy, and how to talk about them to other people.
  •  A set of new skills and habits that you can use to stay motivated, resilient and focused on creating the life you want – even after coaching has ended.
  • An increased capacity to enjoy the present moment.
  • A clearer sense of direction, purpose and what brings you fulfillment.

My unique strengths as a coach

I’m a strong strategic thinker, quickly thinking ahead though many different aspects of a situation to find solutions and pinpoint potential problems. With this strength, I’m very good at opening up new possibilities for thinking and action for clients. I’m also able to quickly sort through “noise” and hone in on the most important elements of an issue.  

Another strength that supports my clients is my optimism, creativity, and love of looking to the future to envision how things can be enhanced or improved going forward. Vivid visions of a better future light me up and inspire me to act. This kind of visioning is something I inspire in my clients as well.

Lastly, perhaps my greatest strength is my empathy. I have a natural capacity to sense and understand what others are experiencing and feeling. I enjoy people, and the richness of all our human experiences. People appreciate my tendency to be non-judgmental and value their feelings and experiences.

I also like having fun. Working together, we are definitely going to have a lot of serious conversations. We are also going to have lightness and laughter. Just like in life.

Lisa helped me find ways to rethink my priorities and work towards them through small tasks that feel easy because they align with what I truly need and want to do.
— M. Pierce, University Professor, New York, NY

My signature approach

I’m a Practical Idealist. (Yes, a living contradiction!) On the one hand, I love big, adventurous, colorful, and creative ideas. On the other hand, I’m also grounded and practical.

Both of these sides inform my coaching practice. There is an idealistic, visioning side to my coaching, and there is also a practical, action-oriented side that is about making your dreams come true in the real world.

I ask all my clients to begin by exploring their big ideas. I want to hear who you want to be in this world. What’s your ideal work? What is your ideal home and lifestyle? Who is your ideal partner and community? What kind of contribution do you want to make? What makes up your ideal life?

I ask you to dream a little. I also ask you to believe you can have all you desire.

Then, we start getting practical. We clarify these ideas. We narrow and pare them down. We look at what obstacles or blocks are in the way. We prioritize. We create a strategy, identify action steps and begin moving forward.

I would absolutely recommend Lisa’s coaching. Her warm and supportive nature has been a wonderful boost for me each week.
— Joanna Abbott, Career Development Consultant, Corvallis, OR

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