"Lisa will pull your life into focus and fire up your engines. She identifies and nurtures strengths and next steps while maximizing the session by keeping the bar high and lovingly keeping the ball rolling. Working with Lisa is inviting a catalyst into your life that not only moves you through whatever it is you're going through, but guides you so when you come out the other side, you're right where you want to be."

Renee Jenkinson, Program Director, Reneejenkinson.com, Waimea HI


"As an ambitious optimist, I’ve always found it easy to make big changes. Until I found myself juggling a tough relocation, a job I hated, two kids under 4, and so many dreams on the backburner. I felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by the next step. My confidence was completely knocked.

Lisa offered simple strategies to help me get my priorities in order and regain confidence in my decision-making. After every session with Lisa, I felt stronger and brighter. Within three months, I had a clear plan of action to change my job, my location, my life. My perspective is back to being positive, bold and free — I can’t thank Lisa enough."

Emma O'Brien, President & Founder, www.punchybrands.com, Portland, OR



"I was living and teaching in Northern Canada and was very unhappy with my life. In March 2016, I started coaching with Lisa knowing I had to make some drastic changes: 1) Figure out if I wanted to stay a teacher 2) Move south to Nova Scotia 3) Do so without incurring any more debt. I had started a consolidation program for my consumer debt and was serious about sticking to it.

Lisa helped me in numerous ways. Over the next few months she would help me take my BIG, crazy ideas and pare them down into bite-size items. She was a cheerleader. If I didn’t get an item done in the timeframe I had set, she helped me see it wasn’t the end of the world. I just needed to adjust my goals and try again! She helped me refocus and attack my goals when I was feeling like they were just never going to happen.

It is now September of 2016 and I have all my goals completed. I am so happy with my new city. I moved without incurring any debt. I also know that in my soul, I am a teacher. But for now, I’m taking a break to try some new things and see how it feels.  

I would recommend Lisa’s coaching in a heartbeat."

Sarah Michaud, Teacher, Dartmouth, Canada


"It has been fantastic and very interesting working with Lisa. I discovered a lot about myself and gained many tools to work on and deal with complicated situations. Lisa's way of working is excellent: always with the right words, care, giving energy, positivity and power to get the best of the person out. It has been a great experience!"

Mònica Roca Lladó, Musician, Maastricht, Netherlands




"Lisa supported me through very challenging time. Her coaching helped me to tap into my inner wisdom, review what's really important and make some tough choices in life with ease and complete clarity. Lisa created a very safe and encouraging space for me to reflect, explore and play with ideas and possibilities. It was easy, playful, gentle and transformational at the same time."

Ksenia Ermakova




"I absolutely recommend Lisa’s coaching! Because if you want to reach your goals, Lisa’s work can bring you a more positive attitude, which is key to facing and overcoming all the possible difficulties you may find on your path.

Through coaching with Lisa, I have achieved a brand new perspective on my life in a very positive way that led me to get new ideas to grow my business and live my life with more tranquility.

Lisa is the best listener I ever met. She immediately understands the situation and is able to give you valuable advice. Her deep empathy connects with you and leads you to realize something important you didn’t take into account before."

Sara Pagnini, Translator and Entrepreneur, Florence, Italy



"Coaching has helped me focus and recognize my big and small victories. I'm appreciating small victories and change ... like taking 5 minutes for myself or telling myself that I'm enough. Through this work, I have come to a place of calm acceptance for my life.

This was no small feat. The year before working with Lisa, I applied for a work promotion, I had become pregnant, my husband accepted a job in Japan and left for a 7-month training, I quit my job, I moved cross-country, had a complicated labor, delivery, and postpartum experience, had difficulty getting my baby's passport/visa, and then moved to Japan with a 2-month-old and a 5-year-old. So to say that I'm in a place of calm acceptance less than one year after my move is quite amazing. Lisa did an amazing job coaching me during my year of 'recovery.'"

Jenny Bae, Sendai, Japan



"Through coaching with Lisa, I have gained an awareness of living in the moment, and recognizing each situation as perfect in its own way. This perspective has allowed me to let go of many of my worries and stresses on a day-to-day basis. I would absolutely recommend Lisa’s coaching. Her warm and supportive nature has been a wonderful boost for me each week."

Joanna Abbott, Career Development Consultant, Corvallis, OR





"If I were to rate my certainty about taking a sabbatical on a scale of 1-10, I’d say I was at a 2 or 3 when I started coaching with Lisa. I had a strong desire to take a sabbatical and clear idea of how I’d spend it, but I had a lot of doubts, fears and insecurities holding me back and keeping me ‘stuck’.

Now, after coaching, I’d rate myself at an 8. I have a clear timeline and plan, know what steps to take and am taking them.

Yet really the most helpful thing I got out of coaching was the shift that took place in my head and heart. I was continually impressed by Lisa’s insights and guidance, which have truly helped me move forward in all aspects of my life.

I have a strong conviction now in the importance of this sabbatical for me and am excited for my future. That’s what carries me forward and gives me the ability to take whatever steps are needed. I am so glad that I took the step of coaching with Lisa. It has really been invaluable to me and I highly recommend it."

Anita, lawyer, Brisbane, Australia


"My concerns were about having an extended quarter life crisis and a general feeling of being lost in life. By reaching out to Lisa and have her coach me, I was able to boost my confidence level and see some things more clearly.

I've become more pro-active in achieving goals that I've also learned to set and reach.

Lisa is a very good listener and she will give you insights and recommendations that will let you realize things that you might not have thought of."

Anna, Project Manager, Manila, Philippines


"I’d rate my experience coaching with Lisa as a 10 out of 10. Lisa has been a great resource for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone!" 

Kevin Manning, Financial Planner and Musician, Philadelphia, PA


"Before I started coaching with Lisa, my to-do list was a huge nebulous force that oppressed me regularly. Through our work together, Lisa helped me find ways to rethink my priorities and work towards them through small tasks that feel easy because they align with what I truly need and want to do.

I imagined a life coach as someone who would help me think about things like money and my job, but my conversations with Lisa tackled concerns and goals in every part of my life--from money to my most intimate relationships, from my job to my unformed aspirations."

M. Pierce, University Professor, New York, NY


"The opportunity to work with Lisa as a life coach arose organically as I transitioned from a seven-month sabbatical back to 'the real world,' and then decided to continue my sabbatical. During this transition, I felt so disoriented. I no longer felt as if I belonged at 'home,' a place that was so near and dear to my heart and soul. I started to doubt my decisions and became unsure of what to do next.

Working with Lisa during this time helped clarify my place both at 'home' and where my new home may become. Lisa's listening skills are tremendous and she shows empathy and understanding at all times. She has experienced similar feelings and thoughts as mine and she is open to sharing them. I am grateful to have Lisa as my life coach and value her openness, intellect, her mastery of listening skills and compassionate communications."

Lisa Alfano, Portland, OR