Best Life Hack of 2015: Audiobook Multi-tasking

One of the most well-read people I know makes his living as a window washer. How does he make time for reading? Audiobooks.

It's been at least three years since he told me about this. Only this year did I follow his example.

I'd noticed that I was always too tired in the evening to read books for work. At 9 p.m. I'll choose Harry Potter over Thinking Fast and Slow any day. Yet, it was really important to me to keep up my professional development through reading.

Meanwhile, I was struggling with how much housework there is to do on the farm. I love living here; the only downside is a farm's worth of dirty laundry, dirty floors and made-from-scratch food prep.

I remembered my friend's trick and inspiration struck. I started listening to audiobooks while cooking and doing chores. I loved feeling doubly productive. I've already "read" seven professional books this fall that I wouldn't have otherwise. They've directly supported my work and led to many new ideas.

Plus, you can download many audiobooks for free from your local library.

What's your best life hack from 2015? Share it below!