My New Year's Wish For You

Photo by Alain Pham

Photo by Alain Pham

Happy New Year!

I'm so thankful for you! Thank you for joining me here, for reading, for reflecting together, for your comments and personal notes, and for all the brightness that you bring to the world.

For this new year ahead, I offer you the same heartfelt challenges that I've put to myself: 

Treat yourself as you would a good friend (especially in how you talk to yourself and keep your word and time commitments).

Listen deeply to your heart and be brave about taking the course of action that will really satisfy and feed you; setting aside worries about what other people will think or what you're "supposed" to do.

Make an extra effort to be vulnerable, curious and compassionate with others (and see how it transforms your interactions with them).

Pursue and invest time in the things that really light you up -- no matter how quirky or seemingly insignificant they are.

Identify the habits and thoughts that don't serve you and take action to move beyond them.

Make decisions that support the quality of life that you want right now -- not sometime in the future.

Again and again in my life and work, I see how these are some of the most important steps to leading a richer, more fulfilling life.

Does one of these in particular speak to you? Take some time to write about what you'd like to do differently in this area in 2018.

Draft a short paragraph on what success would look like at this same time next year:

What has changed?
What has happened as a result?
What are you feeling, hearing, seeing?
Why is that important?

If, as you think of the year ahead, you feel you could use some support in making changes, please be in touch anytime. I'm happy to speak to you about coaching together, or to offer ideas on other resources to help.

Your life, your good energy, your ability to contribute your gifts to our world: These things are so important, and so worth all your best efforts.

In 2018, I wish you a year that just gets better and better, beyond even what you thought possible.