You've Got a Great Partner, Now Make a Great Plan

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Going after a big dream is daunting enough when it’s just you. But what about when it involves your spouse or a business partner?
A whole other person bringing their distinct vision, values, fears, strengths, and approach.
Do you and your partner talk about an exciting change or future goal, but haven’t found the way to move forward on it?
Such as:

  • Improving finances and finally moving into your dream house
  • Taking a year off to travel
  • Starting a new business or non-profit

Or is life presenting a big upcoming change that you both would like to be better prepared to take on? 

Such as:

  • A new baby or family changes
  • Moving cities
  • A career change or retirement

This past year, I’ve been approached by “groups of two,” who have asked me if I could help them solidify their vision as a team, make solid decisions, and create a motivating and achievable action plan.
In response, I’m excited to officially introduce my new Power of Two package.
Here’s the thing:
Change is hard enough when it’s just you involved. It gets all that much more complicated when there’s another person in the mix.
The biggest blocks that partners face when it comes to their goals:

  1. Life is too busy; not enough time to talk and plan
  2. When there is time to talk, both people get overwhelmed  
  3. One partner doubts the other is truly on board – and doesn’t know how to resolve that

This is where I can help.
When you and your partner sign up for a Power of Two package, you get: 

  • Regular time to discuss and plan your change.
  • An open, creative, structured space to go through all the details and decide on a plan that works for everyone.
  • Doable next steps and accountability
  • A way to track and celebrate progress  
  • A deeper appreciation for your individual and joint strengths as a team.

Do you and your partner want to move into your next phase as a stronger team, more motivated and aligned? Imagine how a clear, shared vision of the future would unite and inspire you.
This new package is available at a special introductory rate ($200 off) for a limited time! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact me to learn more.