The End of My Year-Long Sabbatical, The Start of Something Better Than I Ever Imagined

Photo by  Rui Silvestre  on  Unsplash

Four years ago this week, I landed at Barcelona International Airport.
I loaded four suitcases onto a trolley, which represented pretty much all the possessions I had left in the world, and wheeled it through the security gate with my heart in my throat.

It was a surreal moment. Internally I was trying to process it.

This is me, ending my sabbatical and starting a whole new life.

This is me, moving to Spain. Indefinitely.

This is me, starting a new life together with the man I love.

This is me, moving to a home more beautiful than I could have dreamed.

This is me, starting my own business.

I had been on a great adventure and now was starting a new one. I never could have anticipated this amazing moment.

It certainly never occurred to me during all those months leading up to me quitting my job and irreversibly setting my sabbatical dream in motion, when all I did was torture myself with self-doubt and catastrophizing.
What an absurd contrast it was to all the worst-case scenarios that I had nurtured so devotedly for years before I took my leap.
I offer you this story as inspiration if there is a leap that you’d also like to take in life, but you keep talking yourself out of it.
I’m here to help you to clarify exactly what you want to do and show you practical steps to get going. I know how to make these changes happen, and how to navigate all the lessons and tough emotional terrain that go with them.
It’s wonderful and exciting – and it makes all the difference to have someone at your side who can help you make sure you stay true to you. 

Because there really is so much more for us out there, if we decide to open ourselves up to it.

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