Seeking Sabbatical Stories for My New Podcast "Leap Like Me"

Photo by Thiago Thadeu on Upsplash

Photo by Thiago Thadeu on Upsplash

I’m so excited. And also, kind of scared.
Which, in my experience, is the sign that I’ve set a really good stretch goal this summer.
I’m starting a podcast!  
And whether you’re new here or a longtime friend, I think you’re going to like it.
My podcast’s working name is “Leap Like Me,” and will launch in September. It will feature interviews with people who have taken adventurous leaps into a life that’s more authentic and meaningful.   
In future seasons, we’ll explore bold leaps that people have made with their careers, with their relationships, and with their creative pursuits.
Season 1 – I’m excited to announce – will begin with interviews with people who’ve taken a plunge that’s near and dear to my heart: They’ve packed up their lives to go on sabbatical.

Here’s where you can help

I’m still looking for guests. Do you know someone who took a sabbatical that changed the direction of their life? If that’s you, someone you know personally, or someone you’ve read about, I’d love it if you wrote to tell me more!  
They could be single, a couple or a family. I’m looking for guests from any country, any background and any age.
I’m excited for this show to include the stories of people whose cultural and social backgrounds pose extra challenges when it comes to taking a risk to “live their dreams.” In my experience (and with my own Japanese-American ancestry), I've found that these realities are largely unrepresented in the mainstream self-help world.   
Behind the name, “Leap Like Me,” is the message that it’s never too late for anyone to push pause on life. It’s never too late to think about what you really want, and then take steps to go after it – even if it involves a big, exciting, scary and potentially counter-cultural leap.  
More to come on this, and wish me courage as I take these first steps toward my own plunge. And please, do be in touch with any ideas. It’s wonderful to have your support. 

Three more important notes

ONE: Hosting my own interview podcast has always been one of those furtive secret dreams that I scarcely admitted to myself. It’s pretty amazing to tell myself that I can do it (and to you that I will do it). This is one of the greatest things I’ve learned about making leaps: one big step toward a major life goal can lead to the next, to the next and the next, until you can’t believe how much progress you've made on your dreams. I can look back from here and see how taking my sabbatical led to meeting my husband, to living in Catalonia, to starting my business, to becoming a mother, to launching a podcast, to ...

TWO: If you want to make some amazing headway on a super meaningful goal this summer – if you’re thinking about taking your own leap – it’s not too late to get one-on-one coaching and mentoring with me.

THREE: I'll be doing a weekly Facebook Live this summer to share my process for how I guide people through their own life-changing leaps, using my big goal of starting a podcast as a step-by-step example. If you want to come along for the ride, be sure to follow my page!